1 to 2 Years

Toddler & Twos Program (1 to 2 years)

We are your village in raising your child.

At Milestones Academy, the Toddlers and Twos Program caters to children 1 to 2 year old and helps them transition from babyhood into toddler stages. This is also a unique window to help develop their personalities and support them explore their abilities as they begin to express their independence and develop their own identity while pushing boundaries once in a while.

Toddlers are very important people who strive to become more of an individual, exercise more control over things and have a strong desire to be understood. Their language development and ability to communicate is a very big milestone and we help you make it happen. Our teachers are trained to develop children’s communication skills through quality story times, songs and rhymes, pre-reading and pre-writing activities and quality ‘give and take’ interactions. We are here to support you and your family every step of the way and are ready to scaffold- see where your child is currently and take them to the next level. All of these important milestones will be achieved through play, fun activities, participating indoors and outdoors and priceless support given by our trained teachers.

Key Essentials:

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires that children in a group setting must be assigned to one adult called their Key Person. The key person approach is a way of giving undivided attention and focus aimed at close attachment of individual children with individual staff members. The key person is responsible to help your child feel settled and familiar with the setting, feel confident and safe within it and for children to feel secure and happy as they explore and try new things in their preschool. Key person experience also ensures that parents have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with one staff member rather than a number of people who work within the childcare setting. The same key person is there to greet your child in the morning, to provide comfort to them if they’re upset, to enjoy time with them and play with them one on one whenever possible or offer intimate bodily care. This staff member will also have other children for whom she is a key person and as part of being skillful at their job is being available for all children at all times.

At this stage, children will be introduced to learning areas to promote their independence, ability to make their own choices in balance with teacher-led activities, which are called Small Group Times. Our learning areas are intentionally designed to meet children’s natural desires to look for interesting things, to engage with developmentally and age-appropriate manipulatives which cover all Seven Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. These are defining features of our learning environments:

  • Open floor plan
  • Soft places
  • Natural lighting
  • Loose parts
  • Developmentally appropriate sized equipment and furnishing
  • Pleasant reminders of home in the form of family pictures, boards, music and cultural toys

At Milestones Academy, we realize that children need consistency and a variety of ways to learn. As a response to children’s ages and stages we use high quality developmental toys to help their brains make connections and build strong foundations. Their daily activities include quality story times, yoga, language rich interactions, outdoor time, gym time and variety of opportunities for arts including music, painting, and movement and socializing

We offer Spanish and Chinese Mandarin to all our children right from their infancy. Our foreign language teachers will plan activities according to children’s ages through singing rhymes and nurseries, reading stories, learning foundational language skills and progressing as children grow.

Our curriculum broadly supports children’s development through creating environment that encourages their physical, social-emotional and language development. At Milestones Academy, we encourage active learning through materials to explore with all their senses, opportunities to make choices, prospects to communicate their discoveries and feelings and ongoing responsive support of trusted adults every single day. We track children’s growth and development, share their achievements with parents and work together with you to develop common strategies for supporting your child’s development and sense of self.

For safety and security purposes, the classes are equipped with CCTV cameras and recordings are confidential and will not be shared with all the parents through our app. Based on demand or need, the recording of certain periods of time are available for viewing should parents wish to do so.

Staff members are trained in responding to children’s needs both emotionally and physically. Toddlerhood is the stage where children express their independence and interest in doing things on their own. This is reflected in our daily routines as children eat together during snack times, clean up the toys after playtime, or express interest or readiness in being toilet trained. Our staff members are here to support you through this journey and play an active part in training your child.


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