About Us

Our Vision

  • To innovate new educational approaches focused on how children learn
  • To be recognised by national and international accreditation agencies and parents as providing excellence in early years education
  • To be influential and serve as ambassadors in the development of early years education in creating the preschools of choice for children, parents and staff, wherever we operate, and to make a contribution to the quality of early years education in the country.

At Milestones Academy of Texas we strive to nurture every child in our care providing consistency, innovation and excellence and igniting curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.

Building strong foundations, we guide and inspire children to explore, discover, create and learn. We foster children’s individual needs and develop their talents, abilities and interests.

Our children are at the early stages of their learning paths. They are like little sponges soaking up the seeds of learning that we sew. They are beginning to build concepts of the world around them that will influence the rest of their lives. We have a unique and privileged opportunity to help shape and develop each and every child in our care, building firm foundations for their futures.

We believe in the development of an individual curriculum for each child based on the child’s needs, talents, abilities, and interests. Needs include safety, security, nourishment, and relationships of trust, praise and encouragement, respect and stimulation of curiosity. Talents are innate skills with which a child is born. Abilities are skills that a child acquires through their own exploration of their environment, through problem solving, through learning by instruction from adults or other children. Interests are areas in which a child demonstrates focus through choice for prolonged periods. It is possible in looking at the focus of a two-year- old to know something about the adult the child will become. Children demonstrate a natural inclination for certain skills, areas of learning and interests. It is important to nourish those appropriately at the same time as encouraging exploration in areas in which a child may not be so confident in order to develop a well-rounded child.

When we focus on these four areas for each child individually, we provide the best possible start in their life-long journey of learning and growing, and giving them the best preparation for entrance into their next schools.

Our curriculum ensures that our children are given opportunities to Explore, Discover, and Learn while introducing them to world culture, in ways they could not achieve in other settings. We use the excellent basis provided by the Early Years Foundation Stage, and overlay this with our own focus on world culture and activity-based stimulation.


We aim to be the employer of choice, valuing training and developing our passionate, professional staff teams and meeting their needs.

At Milestones Academy of Texas, we place great importance on the relationship between our staff team and their key or mentor children. We encourage our team to form strong bonds with our children and their families.

We hire the best-qualified staff, with the right mindset and focus on quality education. We require that they are enthusiastic for their chosen career and passion about working with children. All of our team bring their own individual qualities and strengths to their roles.

We are passionate about the important work that we do. We are excited when we see children learning, developing and growing. We share our successes. We work together each and every day to provide the best opportunities for our children. We all believe in what we do.

Staff retention is an area that impacts heavily on children and parents. Children form important relationships with our staff, as do parents, and if staff members leave it can be unsettling. We retain staff through:

  • Our ethos
  • Valuing and respecting our teams
  • Offering competitive salaries
  • Providing opportunities for their individual development. We offer access to in-house and external training
  • We will always promote internally if we are able providing career progression
  • We offer a rewards and recognition programme which includes recognition of length of service


We inspire, value, and support our families bridging the gap between home and preschool.

We are always striving for excellence in all that we do at the Milestones Academy of Texas, but we can’t do it alone. Our partnership with our families is integral to our aim to nurture every child in our care providing consistency, innovation and excellence and igniting curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.

At Milestones Academy of Texas we work closely with our families to support their child or children’s development and progression. From your first call to the preschool, through your initial visit and decision making process, to settling in your child and later to working with yourselves on a daily basis we will always put your child at the centre of what we do. We strive to create real partnership that includes getting to know you and your immediate family, sharing of daily information and honest communication.

To us it is important that we help settle our new children into the preschool well. With this in mind, we offer free settling in sessions ahead of your child’s start with us. The first of these sessions take part in your home to help us get to know you as a family and meet your child in their own familiar surroundings. Our experience teaches us that all of these steps help smooth your child’s first transition into day care.

We host regular parent forums, parent educational events, and we invite our families into the preschool to join us with celebrations. We also host events on the weekends when our families can join us in the preschool for taster sessions so that they can take part in some of the incredible activities we provide for our children daily.

We use parent friendly software – Procare so that we can update you on your child’s progress at Milestones Academy of Texas and we encourage you to add comments and post information about your child’s progress at preschool.

Milestones Academy of Texas offers our immediate families access to the use of CCTV cameras. Our webcams allow parents both to have peace of mind and to be able to share remotely in their children’s daily activities.

I have a deep rooted, multigenerational connection to early childhood. As a passion, it started as a young girl watching my grandmother who was a passionate educator for over 50 years in Tajikistan and helping out with my many cousins. The appreciation and deeper understanding of the importance of the early years occurred to me during my pregnancy with my daughter, Mevagul. My experiences of being connected to nature in the Pamirs Mountains, a remote state of Badakhshan in Tajikistan, formed my quality as an educator. My exposure to the highest quality preschools in Dubai, London, Mombasa and many more shaped my expertise as a teacher, trainer, and parent-educator.

I am a proud alumna of Khorog State University in Tajikstan and hold a B.Ed and Masters from Middlesex University in the UK and a M.Ed. from our very own SMU here in Dallas. I am the 2017 runner-up for International Practitioner of the Year Award held in the UK and led by the National Day Nurseries Association.

Malik and I both come from very rich cultures, high quality educational backgrounds, and years of exposure to voluntary and philanthropic work and we strive to give your family a unique experience. Milestones Academy aims to be high quality educational experience for your children and your best investment yet. We aim to build teacher capacity, help the wider community with teacher training, and be a brand of excellence in childcare and learning.

We are grateful for all the families who choose Milestones Academy during your children’s most pivotal years; a time of learning, exploration, experimentation, and play. We will learn from your children as much as we teach them.

Every child that walks through the doors of Milestones Academy is someone else’s entire world and we take our role very seriously.

Thank you for choosing us!

Fazilat and Malik Notta

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